Where there’s Hope by Sean

Drifting alone in a sea of despair, I’d given up on myself as no-one else seemed to care.

Every day and night I would trudge around town, seeking solace and feeling there was none to be found.

It's a lonely life without a home, and the streets can be brutal but where else could I ram?

I was alone and hungry and at my wits end, seeking help, support or even a friend.

I had always believed myself to be tough, although nothing prepared me for my time sleeping rough.

It could happen to anyone; I used to say, never really expecting it would be me one day.

Another rough sleeper on hearing my plight, told me about Hope Kitchen on a Thursday and Saturday night.
He spoke of a place that sounded unreal, a place to get a sleeping bag and even a meal.

I just couldn't believe what he was saying, I could get help from a church and it didnt involve praying.
Because I was hungry and feeling so low, I had nothing to lose so I gave it a go.

I arrived at the doors with some apprehension, my stomach sore from hunger and knotted with tension.

When I walked through the doors, I was met by the team, each one showed not a smile, but more like a beam.
No sermons or judging and no secret plan, I realised quite quickly they gave ‘cause they can.

I watched the team go from table to table; listening and helping, where they were able.

I couldnt understand it, it was beyond my belief, although very much welcome and such a relief.

I ate my meal just pleased to have food, and then had some more, it was really good.

While eating the food I was left in peace, but I was presented with a sleeping bag and offered a fleece.

The volunteers all seem to be of a similar mind, not at all judgemental but loving and kind.

The kindness flows freely it’s easy to see, they give their food, their time and loving for free.

The faith they have seems to give them their strength, which I now understand having studied them at length.
I wish I had their faith to help keep me strong, and perhaps one day, who knows, I'll be proven wrong.

I hope that Hope Kitchen never ends, because they’re much more than heroes, they are now my friends.

So I wanted to thank all the team who give up their time, I know it’s not much, just simple rhyme.

The point of this poem is a very simple one; I now have Hope, where before there was none.