My View of Hope Kitchen by Paul Kelly

Hope Kitchen gives hope to hundreds of people over the course of a year with its warm welcome and hot homemade soup. This is sometimes chicken, beef or fish. Sandwiches in white or brown bread - cheese and onion, cheese and tomato with crisps, cucumber and tea, coffee or juice. Often some biscuits as well.

Many engaging volunteers are willing to chat. Many make good friends with people who have had some misfortunes in life though are knowledgeable on many topics. Information is shared in a relaxed setting.

St Johns are on hand on Saturdays with a team of people to assist those with medical issues.

I have come across a variety of people to talk to including M who is very knowledgeable on biblical and political matters and A who turned out to be a bit of a computer expert and sincere Christian. Other guests I have met include a couple who now have their own flat, have stopped drinking and are both working. Others are cutting dawn on smoking and other addictions with intention to give up. Some are still seeking answers about God, Christ, Christianity the universe and  everything.

November 2017