Scars by Marion

I saw the gates of heaven
Opened, wide..
The queue'was long and deep
Waiting, longing to get inside

The gentle voice of Jesus said
'My children, have no fear..
I see your wounds, I see your scars
You are very welcome here'

'See, I have a scar detector
It's *re very latest thing
And to enter into heaven
You just have to make it ring'

'A bullet hole, a stab wound
Needle marks from using gear -
Come in, come in, you hurting ones
To me you're very dear'

'I too have known rejection
Have been spat on, cast aside
Nails through my head, my hands, my feet
Whipped, pierced, until I died'

'They left me hanging on a cross
To suffer there in pain
Then three days later - I'm alive!
But the scars, they still remain'

'So pass through the scar detector
Until all of heaven is ringing
Your robes of white are to the right -
Join with the angels singing'