Believe by Sean

Now as I sit on the street alone again, trying to avoid the cold and the dreaded rain, I start to wonder where it all went wrong, I used to be smart, I used to be strong.
Having it all has never been my goal, but neither was being homeless and on the dole.
Life can go wrong in the blink of an eye, i always knew that, but am still asking why?
Is it something I can put down to fate, or can I change it, before it's too late. 
I know to get through it, I have to be strong, so I have to stop focusing on where it went wrong.
Of course I should learn from my mistakes, but I need to focus on getting better,
and doing all that it takes.

First is make sure I start looking after myself, not just my physical, but my mental health.
Start making notes of what is important to me, to guide me to a place where I want to be.
I don't want much, just to be in a better place, and feel like I'm a part of the human race.
To be able to function and give something back, is a definitive sign that I'm back on track.
The hardest part will be to get off the streets, so remember the wins, forget the defeats.
There'll be many obstacles to get me depressed, I need to stay focussed, and not get stressed.
This all sounds simple, perhaps I'm being naive, but the thing that matters most, is I've got to believe.