When Jesus Came to Hastings by Marion Hemsley

Hope Kitchen is nun from the basement of Wellington Square (Welly Square) Baptist Church in the centre
of Hastings. We are really grateful to the church for letting us use their premises for two evenings each
week. One of the members of the church, Marion Hemsley has written this poem. See what you make of it.

While Jesus was in Hastings, He went to visit Welly Square.

His friends from Bottle Alley wanted to take Him there.

They said to Him "You'll love Hope Kitchen, everything is free,

We all get soup and sandwiches, and even cups of tea".

Jesus ate His soup and bread and really felt at home

And then He gently told them "Man can't live by bread alone".

"Oh we know that" they all cried out, "We must have soup as well".

Then Jesus told each one of them about Heaven, and of Hell.

He said to them "my servants here they love you, that is why their work is free.

They know that while they're serving you, they‘re also serving Me -

Just think, if some food they served was mouldy, but other food was nice -

When you choose which food to eat would you need to think twice?

Our lives are full of choices, some good, and then some bad -

Why don't you choose to follow Me? The choice isn't really hard.

For I am the 'Bread of life' that frees you from all pain,

And those who choose to follow Me, will never hunger or thirst again".