If I Could by Sean

If I Could

It's always been easier to walk on by, not listening to humanities collective cry.

There are so many people who seem to have lost their way, and it can happen to anyone, perhaps even you or
me one day.

Words can be comforting and easily spoken, so we decided do something now that our calling had been awoken.
So we got together with hope in our heart, and with a leap of faith we made a start.

We could pray and ask for divine intervention, or we could start to bring the issues to people’s attention.

So we took a stand with affirmative action, It was easy after a period of inward reflection.

We delivered bread and soup on Saturdays in 2005, as we realised the difference it made to help people survive.
We got a lot of satisfaction from our good deeds, delivering food and hope to those with various needs.

We decided quite early we could do even more, so we approached the church asked them to open their door.
The church was happy to let us use their hall, which is why today we welcome one and all.

We are staffed by people who really do care, and we get together twice a week in Wellington Square.

We Knee try to convert the guests to our way of thinking, we accept some have problems with drugs or with

It works purely because we have opened our hearts; we try to assist our guests to make new starts.

We now offer our love and our care, and if you can, come and join us and help us there.

We offer our guests a little inspiration, as many are used to rejection and confrontation.

So if things seem to be falling apart at the seams, we offer support to help to protect people's dreams.

We know we're helping others and that’s our reward, perhaps you may want to consider coming on board?

So if you feel as though you'd like to volunteer, just pop in and see us, there's always a welcome here.