For Debbies Everywhere by Sean

I know how it feels to live on the street, being wary and suspicious of everyone you meet.

But there are lots of good people who never stop giving, so that people like me can rebuild our lives and start

So this poem is for all of them, wherever they may be, who offer comfort and support to the homeless like me.

I wish it was possible to go around and thank each and every one, but they don't seek any recognition, for what they have done.

So I'm going to thank Debbie, who is a local volunteer. She gives up her time, every month of the year.

She works very hard to make a living, but then helps the homeless; there's no end to her giving.

She knows what it's like to be on the streets, and she shows compassion and concern for everyone she meets.

My hope is that by thanking this lady local to me. It'll be thanking every other Debbie, wherever they may be.

It really doesn't matter where they live or even their names, in my case it's Debbie, in your town it could be a James.

So next the time you see your local volunteers, please pass on my thanks, my love and my cheers.

And please remember, by thanking your hero or heroine, you're also in essence, thanking mine.

Thank You Debbie.