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A huge thank you to the Salvation Army

Owing to serious problems with the floor at Wellington Square Baptist Church, it looked liked Hope Kitchen would have to close in August.

But due to the generosity of the Salvation Army in St Andrews Square we had a temporary home for those weeks while the work was being done.

Salvation Army St Andrews Square

Many guests found their way to our new location and enjoyed the excellent facilities there.

By the beginning of September we had a brand new floor at Wellington Square and after a big clean we were back to normal. There was even a fresh coat of paint on the walls to make it all look brighter – see below

                                                      Hope Kitchen

We are also grateful to the Deacons and members of Wellington Square Baptist Church for their cooperation and hospitality. A special thanks must go to George for all the extra work he has done to make this all possible. We will all do our best to look after the shiny new floor.

Now there is more space again in the basement following the repairs we look forward to welcoming many guests during the busy winter season.