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Steve and Sonia’s gift of Hope

At Hope Kitchen we are so grateful to many generous people who support us in lots of different ways. Steve dropped in recently with some money his family had raised for us over Christmas. I asked him to explain how.


Dear Mike.

As you know Sonia and I have been associated with Hope Kitchen for some years now. It is very close to our hearts and a charity that gets little or no help from Government. The people you care for are often sadly misunderstood and demonised. Hope kitchen offers some light in their darkness. Rough sleepers, addicts, alcoholics, and the mentally ill all benefit from the input you offer. God bless you all for that.

It has become a family tradition to support you especially at Christmas. To this end we ask our children for a card and a donation for Hope Kitchen rather than meaningless gifts of "stuff". Our gift is being able to send you some money for your valuable work. Hope kitchen follows the teachings of Jesus who spent much of his time comforting the poor and ill and impoverished.

Keep up the good work.

Yours in Christ

Steve and Sonia Wise